Taking a Moment to Be Thankful (Selfies Oncoming)

I should be nearly done with my #30DayThanks challenge, and I’m not. 30 letters of thankfulness handwritten and delivered over the course of 30 days…I’ve sent 7. In fact, over the last week or so, I haven’t even touched the project. Now that I’ve moved from Madison to St. Louis, I feel like it’s time to restart.

I still rule my first attempt at #30DayThanks a success. Some of those seven letters really touched the people who got them, and it makes me so glad to know that. Also, the act of reflecting and writing these thoughts has changed my perspective, already made me more thankful on a regular basis. I’ve done so many amazing things over the past few months, these last 19 days in particular…I feel like I recognize the little moments more, appreciate time spent with family and friends like I didn’t before I spent this time focusing on thankfulness. 

The following is a chain of selfies. Sorry.

Since I left my job in March, I’ve done tons of things that I’m thankful for:


I saw an old friend, met her daughter, and toured parts of Michigan I’d have never seen otherwise (including an excellent bakery).


I road-tripped to a Milwaukee Brewers game with former co-workers (more than were in this picture, and I’m lucky to be able to call them my friends).


I flew to Richmond, CA and spent time with my Grandmother on my Dad’s side, just hanging around enjoying each other’s company.


I also visited my aunt and cousin, touring a bit of Santa Cruz along the way.


I explored tons of San Francisco (one of the most gorgeous cities I’ve ever been to), and shared it with one of my closest long-distance friends.


I watched my Kid Sister walk across the stage of her college graduation, one of the proudest moments I’ve had yet…

Photo May 18, 4 31 58 PM

…and I got the chance to be pretty damned proud of some graduating friends, too.


We took photos with some extended family (as well a couple important members behind the lens)…


…and we spent some time taking immediate family photos, too.


I traveled to Providence, RI and watched one of my oldest friends get her Master’s from an Ivy League university (and we took one of our first good pictures together).


My mother and I went out together for a special lunch to celebrate her birthday…

…and those are just the things I have selfies from.

I’m so privileged to have the friends and family that I do, to share the experiences that I have, and I don’t know that the me from even just a few weeks ago would appreciate them the way that I do now. So, instead of berating myself like I usually would at this point, I just want you to know that I’ll be starting the #30daythanks project all over again starting tomorrow.

Thanks for being there, everyone. Looking forward to a new, shiny 30 days of thankfulness.