The reset button.

I’ve noticed lately that sometimes I speak too slowly. Or perhaps it’s more that I think so fast my mouth can’t keep up. I stutter, fumble over my sentences. I usually have to just stop talking, think about what it is I’m trying to say for a second, then restart. I have to hit my own reset button, and often times it helps.

So often I feel like this is the process of life, tumble headlong through situations simply because we’ve already started and we’re committed to doing them, because if we stop talking then there’s stillness and quiet and those aren’t comfortable. Better the devil at your doorstep, right?

What would happen if we all just stopped and hit the reset button with our lives? If we all had to stop, take a couple minutes to think and reconsider life, and then carry on in the direction we felt was most appropriate? What if we all simply did what we wanted to do?

Contrary to the beliefs of some political parties, I highly doubt people would simply stop working if they didn’t “have to.” I highly doubt we would have a world of only writers and artists. I think we would simply have more writers and artists, and would that be such a bad thing?

I think we would have people who, instead of staffing their middle-management desks to make a paycheck, would leave those desks and travel, live in nature, take up a stage career, or maybe work with farm animals…and when they left that position, a burger-flipping short-order cook would take that desk and finally get to learn and practice the management skills they’ve wanted to use for years, but couldn’t because they didn’t have the degree (or maybe the job just wasn’t open).

I don’t think the world would break if everyone stopped and hit the reset button, but I do think it would change. Admittedly, that’s scary. But maybe it’s wonderful, too.



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