The cost of change

I flew out to Virginia on a Delta flight with a layover in Detroit a couple days ago. The Detroit section was pretty bad; we sat on the plane for almost two hours because of a problem with what some have determined was the coffee maker (there legitimately was a broken coffee maker; I’m sincerely hoping there was a more pressing issue that kept us grounded for that long).

A woman sitting across from me vehemently complained about the stewardess, complained about the arthritis being aggravated by spending this much time on the plane. She told the woman next to her that every time she flies Delta she has terrible problems. Does she not have the ability to take another flight? Or was she maybe unwilling to make the changes necessary to take a different flight, to leave at a different time, or pay more money.

Either way, it’s a shame. Maybe she’d have had a better overall experience if she’d tried paying for the change.



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