Finding what you’re looking for

i’ve been doing a lot of reading the past couple of days, making my way through Scrappy Project Management and Poke the Box. You should probably look both of them up, even if you’re not currently employed as a project manager or a box-poker.

What I’ve discovered: reading self-help books can help you find yourself. How about that?

I’m going to start blogging smaller posts when I don’t have the time for large ones. Still trying to make them pointed, relevant, but also consistent. The goal is to get seven days in a row.

Seth Godin says in Poke the Box that you should consider it a moral imperative to start something, to “poke the box” when you have an idea. Kimberly Wiefling says that you should be completely and unapologetically obsessed with your customer.

So what happens when your customer has an idea? You get obsessed with making it happen. And what happens when you make yourself your customer?

Pretty much whatever the hell you want.



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