A Hope, a Prayer for the East Coast

From CTVNews.ca

People on the East Coast of the US are about to face some of the most critical weather-related danger seen in this generation. My Uncle, Kevin Tillman, decorated First Sergeant in the United States Army, is included in that group. There are also thousands of others who have already been effected by Hurricane Sandy. 

Pray, feel, think, hope, meditate; take just a couple minutes to do whatever it is you do and send goodwill and thoughts of safety to those in danger. For them, I ask that you dwell on the following words.


Thousands of good, honest, hard-working, innocent people may be in the worst danger of their lives in the coming days as this unprecendented storm batters their homes and families. Untold dollars of damage may be done, but more importantly, lives will be shaken, battered, and perhaps even worse as a result of this tragedy. May protections, goodwill, and unity shelter these people in their times of trial. May the men and women fighting to rescue those in trouble be gifted with resilience, strength, and speed to enhance the courage and virtue they already possess.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead, may we all find charity in our hearts, understanding in our minds. May we all come together to heal the injured in mind, body, and spirit instead of dividing over bitter politics and malice. May we all understand that the lives of loved ones may hang in the balance, that it is up to us to do what is right.

May we learn to respect our environment, both of nature and of man. May we care for our fellow life on this planet. And may we understand that with respect comes respect, that though we may not be able to change the present, we can work in the present to change the future.