HTML is on the Road

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here, as I’ve been reminded…a lot of things have changed lately, and many of them are what I’d call “positive.” A quick run-down of five important updates in my life while I’m waiting for my flight in Denver to board…

1. I’m no longer working for GameStop. We parted ways a couple of weeks ago, and my hope is that I’ll start taking some other prospects seriously so I can jump into a job I’m really passionate about.

2. I’m writing game journalism again, this time for a site called GotGame. I’m writing with good people, a few of which have migrated from the site I used to write for.

3. I do a weekly podcast with the GotGame guys, it usually goes up on Thursdays. Wow, I love podcasting.

4. Because I’ve been writing with GotGame for a bit, I’ve finally gotten access to attend E3, the conference that many would consider the premiere gaming convention. I’m pretty stoked.

5. That conference basically starts tonight. I’ll be hitting the OC today (even though I was supposed to make it there yesterday…that’s a story in itself) and making my way up to LA for a week of gaming news and networking. Many have asked me if I plan on moving back to California…at this point, well I’m not really sure. I know I came back to the Midwest for a reason, but I want to use my degree, move towards a career with writing…maybe those opportunities will be out there.

Time will tell.




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