A Quest to Fix Inconsistency

Character Flaw: I’m not very consistent. Without some very serious attention to what I’m doing, I can be a very hot and cold kind of person. One second I’m blogging daily, posting pictures and opinions and all sorts of stuff, then for the next two weeks I’m out in the depths of cyber-nothingness, floating around seemingly aimlessly. I’m really not a big fan of that part of myself.

I’d really like to change that, but sometimes I’m just not sure that I know how. I often feel like my procrastination and hither-thither mentalities are a sort of hard-coded trait, and my attempts to fix them are a sort of war of nature versus nurture that I can’t win. But I don’t believe that.

The blog is taking an official 8-day hiatus for a couple of reasons: A) So I can see if I can really get my things in order and come up with a workable schedule for myself, and B) to give myself a concrete deadline. I want to comeĀ  up with a plan that consolidated this blog with my attempt at a second blog, Weekly Resolution. I also have some small business plans that I want to start working on, and I’d like to put that stuff in here as well. So, if I don’t post on the 31st, or don’t feel like I can really keep anything up regularly at that point, then I’m going to call it quits. I’ve done a lot of things half-assed in my day; I don’t want my life to continue being one of them.

See you next Sunday, all.



4 thoughts on “A Quest to Fix Inconsistency

  1. One day everything feels fine and I’m light and chipper. Work on some photo editing, get in some reading, lay out some plans. Get stuff done.The sun shines, the water glistens, the air wraps me in it’s enigmatic embrace.

    Yet sometimes I find myself paralyzed – stuck in the mind, trapped in a body.The brain rots away. The depression looms overhead. I throw away my free time. I can’t even figure out what it is, exactly. I know what it is. Just… not exactly. It’s on the cusp of my tongue, on the forefront of my lobes. I can sense it. It exists within many things I blame, but these things and my feelings are mere symptoms.

    The real problem is that I’ve refused to grow up. I allow the world to frighten me, to defeat me, to own me. That’s not the life I want anymore. I want to live *my* life. It seems like such a daunting task… yet I’m living it right now! I live it in all the moments I feel as though I’m not.

    Time to wake up from this nightmare and start living out my dreams.

    • I feel that way, way too strongly. Growing up is a pretty scary thing, and I feel like I’ve been kinda failing at it for a while. But I’m ready to make some changes…I say we get the ball rolling.

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