A Farewell to Unemployment

Something I’ve discovered on the road-trip down: Virginia is the most UNIMAGINATIVE STATE EVER when it comes to naming cities. I swear, 98/99ths of them must be things like Fredricksburg, Harrisonville, or Leesburg… You know how they have those tests where you find out your stripper name by combining stuff like your street name with the middle name of your second dog? The (un)official Virginia City Naming Test: toss your best friend’s second grade teacher’s first name next to a random city suffix.

To clear things up, I’m not actually WORKING ON a road. And I’m not typing this out on the street, either. This week, HTML is traveling a bit, setting up shop about a mile and a half away from University of Virginia – Charlottesville. I’m planning on doing some sight-seeing, maybe talking a bit to some Admissions counselors about graduate programs and things of that nature. But mainly, I’m set to one singular goal: enjoy my last week of unemployment. Next week I’ll start working again, though I’ll be what the analysts like to call “underemployed:” I’ll be working as a Game Adviser at a local GameStop. I’m still on the fence about whether or not I want to look for what some would call a “real job;” to be honest, I really enjoy gaming, and I think it would be nice to work part-time and still have time to devote to enjoying life and working on my businesses/side-projects. I’d love to put my degree to work for me financially, but we’ll see how that all turns out.

The past week has really been a blur of almost-sleepless nights and memories I wish I could cement more strongly into my head. I’ve celebrated my mother’s birthday with family, and time and again had vivid, visceral memories about life back in California, times I spent with the people there. I’ve shared laughs and hard times with friends here at home. I’ve read books. I’ve sat in silence and thought. To be honest, unemployment was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It certainly helps that I was living at home, rent-free, coasting off of the income I’d banked from California. But regardless, the freedom that came with unemployment, the ability to sit around or take off on a mini-vacation at a whim, to go hang out with friends and come home at either four in the afternoon or four in the morning…I guess that, even though I wasn’t making any money, that was the richest I’ve ever been.

If nothing else, I now know the value of time. I hope I can make it count for more from here on out.


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