Another New Beginning

Today was my first day of “funemployment.”
I’ve technically been jobless for just over three weeks now, but I’ve considered all the days leading up to this one a vacation of sorts. I’ve visited family, seen old college friends, and moved from sunny, beautiful Southern California to the blustery, cold, sun-starved regions of the Midwest, the land where I was born and raised. I could get into the whole backstory of how I ended up out there and whatnot, and I’m sure I will…another day. Today, we discuss the concept of beginnings.

Yeah, the idea of beginnings is a bit cliché. Every New Year/birthday/new job/graduation/religious conversion someone reminds us that we’re starting anew, have a great opportunity to erase the past and look towards the present with fresh eyes and refined mentalities and whatnot. I woke up at 11 o’clock this morning and the sun was shining while crisp, cool spring air came in through my window. I smiled, stretched, and then a series of lung-crunching coughs from hell came out of me. Yes, my first day of “funemployment” was spent in sickness. My chest hates life right now. But even so, I buckled down and got some work done.

I sent an email to David DuChemin.
This blog is going to be about taking control of life, developing a better understanding of time and how much we can do if only we grasp it. Before venturing into the unknown instabilities of unemployment, I worked for 40 hours a week in a Fortune 100 cubicle. I had opportunities for promotions and health insurance. I worked with good people. And then one day I was in a supervisor’s cube while he was talking with another employee and I read a piece of paper he had tacked to his wall. For a few days prior I’d thought seriously about how my life, my employment, my career, where I’d  be in 10 years…all thoughts that can be a bit daunting to a 23-year old not too far removed from college. But when I read that blog, printed out in nondescript type and tacked to a cubicle, well…

I definitely hope you read that link above, because maybe it’ll help you like it helped me. Regardless, draw a few weeks from that moment to now, and you’ve got my life as it stands currently: unemployed, over-qualified for many jobs in my hometown, but still pretty strongly optimistic about life and its potential. Needless to say, a thank-you email was in order.

So, what am I doing? It’s pretty simple:

I’m taking my life back.

One critical lesson I’ve learned in the last few months: life is much too short to spend waiting for something. I’ve been giving my life to various places and organizations because they’ve promised that if I give them enough time, whatever it was I was doing will be worth it, financially or otherwise. But I’ve developed dreams and goals of my own that I’ve had to venture out of the typical working world to achieve, and so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m back in my hometown to do more than leech off of my parents; I’m here to start my own businesses, to spend time with the people I love, and to teach myself how to use every second of every day to the fullest. Because really, each second is a new beginning, and I plan to use all my beginnings wisely.


Today’s Reason for Self-Employment: I want to listen to music through SPEAKERS in my office at high-volume, not headphones.

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